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Matthew Kuzmin

Feb 15, 2023

Which is better for app development: Flutterflow or Teta?

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Accidently, I started the full cycle on Flutterflow development and comparing with different platforms for app development. As you could understand, the tool has some disadvantages, but overall it's a great tool for creating mobile and web apps which can actually scale. At the same time, Flutterflow is not the only tool which can help you with mobile apps development. Let me introduce you Teta.so, a platform I has been following for the last couple of years and recently had a conversation about getting potential partnership. Teta started a one year later than Flutterflow, but for now has almost the same community number as Flutterflow and some great features which can give you even more flexibility.

What about creating Apps?

Flutterflow and Teta.so will take approximately the same amount of time to learn and develop applications. A month should be enough to gain some basic knowledge.

Flutterflow does provide a more appealing UI/UX interface with intuitive functionality where you can easily position objects. Moreover, Teta.so requires you to adjust your development experience, which won't be comfortable for experienced developers.

With Flutterflow and Teta, you can find lots of ready-made widgets, so it's hard to point out a platform that's better than the other.

There are not many options for using responsive layout in Teta and Flutterflow, only a Responsive if condition and a Wrapper. The responsiveness of these apps cannot be compared to that of Flutter.

Teta is focusing right now at Teta CMS and Typescript functionality which helps you to create great websites, but won't be really suitable for apps development.

How can I maintain the App?

Flutter App builders have a disadvantage when it comes to Bugs and Bugfixes, since they don't have a proper Bug catcher.

With regards to Multiplatform, both of them can help you publish applications to the Play Store and App Store. Flutterflow and Teta don't do a great job when it comes to publishing desktop apps.

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The application can always be downloaded and transferred to Flutter. You will be able to customize applications and publish them to Windows and Linux correctly.

Both Flutterflow and Teta are pretty good about collaborative work. They provide real-time collaboration and different plugins.

In case you need support or some extra materials, the Flutterflow community has a lot of materials already available. There aren't many materials out there that cause problems for new developers with Teta.

The conclusion

Teta is a great tool for creating mobile applications, and there are many development options on the market. It is more difficult to learn how to use it, and there are fewer people involved in the community.

It makes applications difficult to maintain and it seems that Teta community tries to focus on CMS functionality rather than app development.

Flutterflow has made great progress on web parts and adaptability over the past six months. We may see even better updates with Teta, since it grows even faster than Flutterflow. It is my opinion that in 6 months, both platforms will be able to offer better development options in their own areas if they grow at the same rate.

Thank you so much for reading and in case you want to dive into this topic, don't hesitate to reach out to me in person or Bleakers.co


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