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Matthew Kuzmin

Feb 09, 2023

Flutter: What You Need to Know Before Developing Your Mobile Application

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With mobile app development becoming increasingly popular, there's never been a better time to explore Flutter - an open source mobile development framework by Google. Flutter is unique in that it enables you to build beautiful, natively compiled mobile apps from a single codebase. Not only that, but Flutter also has the potential to transform the app development process. If you're interested in learning more about Flutter, and how it can help you with your mobile app development goals, check out this article!

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a mobile development platform that is fast, efficient, and designed for creating high-quality applications for iOS and Android. Because it uses Dart, Flutter apps are reactive and easy to maintain. In addition to this, Flutter can render Torres Strait Islander languages on the fly.

Mobile app development has never been easier than with Flutter. This new platform uses a declarative language called Dart to make development faster and easier. Additionally, Flutter has support for animations, gestures, and 3D graphics rendering – making it perfect for advanced applications. Flutter can be used to develop both Android and iOS apps, so you can target multiple platforms with one codebase

Flutter is an open source framework by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase

If you're looking to develop a mobile application that's both beautiful and fast, Flutter is the framework for you. Flutter is a relatively new mobile development framework that's built on top of the Android and iOS platforms. It offers developers a fast, smooth, and scalable user experience while building apps for both Android and iOS.

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Flutter applications run faster than cross-platform frameworks like React Native and Xamarin since they use native code. Due to the smaller codebase, Flutter apps are also easier to maintain and debug. Flutter has several unique advantages over hybrid mobile application frameworks, such as Ionic or Cordova.

In addition to being faster to compile and run, Flutter apps are also more responsive. Flutter is the right framework for you if you want a framework with all the bells and whistles, but still want fast and easy development.


Flutter is a new mobile development framework that Google has created to make app development faster and easier. This framework offers developers a single codebase that can be used to build mobile, web, desktop, and embedded applications. With Flutter, development can be streamlined and you can build beautiful mobile apps that look and feel native.

In the next couple of articles I will share more about Teta.so and FlutterFlow, two low-code applications that may change your life.


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